Fruit Picking


Research the local fruit picking venues and enjoy this fun date with your significant other. This is a great date to talk and get to know your significant other without the formality of a face to face dinner. Instead of feeling like you’re in an interview, you’re simply talking while you pick through the berries, apples, peaches, or your fruit of choice. Or you can choose not to talk and just enjoy each other’s company!

If the date goes well and you want it to last longer, you can go home and use your pickings to bake a pie, make some muffins, or blend a smoothie!

Complimentary Dates: Hammock Hang Out, Pool Party, Cookout, Bonfire, Watch a Sunrise/Sunset, Stargazing, Nature Walk, Picnic in the Park, Baking Party

Also be sure to view your local options for this date idea:
Chattanooga, TN Fruit Picking
Statesboro, GA Fruit Picking


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