Just Dessert


Enjoy this deliciously simple but romantic date with your special someone for a sweet success, even if you’re last minute planning. This is a perfect complimentary date to top off a date that you want to last longer. It can also serve as a stand-alone date for the busy couple who wants to make time for each other but can’t commit the whole evening to an extravagant date.

This date can be enjoyed during any season. Enjoy a cool, tasty treat like a chilled slice of key lime pie or a refreshing lemon tart during the spring or summer, an autumn harvest pumpkin spiced muffin, or a savory, melt-in-your-mouth brownie straight out of the oven to warm you up for winter. This date is a great route for a relaxing, informal opportunity to chill with your sweetie. You can even use this date idea as a cheap alternative and bake your favorite dessert for a date night at home. Any chance to come together for conversation and quality time over food is always a good time!

However you choose to personalize this date, be sure to take advantage of the additional resources we’ve provided to ensure you are equipped with tips to make a good impression and conversation starters to make your date flow great! Make the most of your time together, cherishing each other’s company and valuing each other for the person that you each are. Happy dating!

Complimentary Dates: Informal lunch/Dinner, Music, BookstoreArt Galleries, Formal brunch/lunch/dinner, Downtown Fun, Progressive Dinner, Movie Night, Antiquing, Thrift Shopping, Gift Shopping

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