Valentine’s Day Vulnerability Post

Valentine’s Day Vulnerability Post – I am all about bragging on my hubby on social media and using it as another resource to speak encouragement into his life. I believe in positive reinforcement, and I believe that everyone has a little bit of drive for words of affirmation in their love language, because our words have power. I think the danger of socially obligatory holidays like V-Day is that we feel so much pressure to portray an unrealistic impression of what our relationships look like that we find ourselves forcing romance into ratings and intimacy into attention and we lose the raw, ingenuity of a real, authentic relationship.


My marriage is not perfect. We’re two selfish, imperfect human beings who forget to say thank you, miscommunicate, over analyze, lose our tempers and/or patience, and occasionally take all of the covers at night (okay maybe the last part is only me). The beauty of this marriage though is that we get to figure this thing out together. With Christ at the center and incredible leaders who model loving (and also imperfect) marriages, we have so much hope, expectancy, and excitement for the years ahead, and there is so much grace along the way. I hope this encourages someone, because relationships are so much more than the successes or failures on a given holiday, they are the marathons in between.


-Jen Sartain, TDI Co-Founder