National Flower Day Date & Memories of Solo Cup Vases

Happy National Flower Day!

Celebrate this fun holiday with a flower-themed date, there are so many options! Visit a flower shop and work with a florist to create the perfect bouquet, go for a nature walk and stop to smell the roses and pick wildflowers, or search for local flower fields like tulips or lavender and meander through the rows of beauty.

Personal story

Growing up, I always loved watching my dad woo my mom. One of my favorite things that he did (and still does) was bring home flowers for my mom. Here’s the sweet part: my dad has always worked hard to earn and save money so that my mom could stay at home with me and my siblings. When it came to flowers, he knew it was the thought behind it that counted. Bringing my mom flowers conveyed to her “I’m thinking about you even when I’m away from you,” and “I value our relationship so I’m always looking for ways to show you I care about you.”

But remember my dad was always trying to save money, so his flowers to my mom didn’t usually resemble the ones arranged by a florist and displayed in a glass vase. Instead, his bouquets consisted of a plastic Solo cup full of wildflowers he lovingly picked from the side of the road, or gathered on a hike in the woods, or snuck from the neighbor’s yard.

To this day I love visiting home and finding the island counter in my mom’s kitchen decorated with a plastic cup stuffed with wildflowers that are only slightly wilted from the sunny drive home in the cup holder of my dad’s pickup truck. It brings a smile to my face that he’s still wooing her heart after 35 years of marriage.

This is an easy way to show love to your special someone too! Be sure to take advantage of this Spring weather and go pick some wildflowers that are blooming today for your sweetie!
– Jen, TDI Co-Founder


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