Bar and Grill


This is a great complimentary date to top off a date that you want to last longer.
It can also serve as a stand-alone date for the busy couple who wants to make time for each other but can’t commit the whole evening to an extravagant date.

Note: Always drink responsibly. Remember alcohol may affect your ability to honor your date and think clearly, so be conscious of your alcohol consumption in consideration of the impression you are making on your date. Call a cab or Uber if both of you are drinking.

Complimentary Dates: Informal lunch/Dinner, Music, BookstoreArt Galleries, Formal brunch/lunch/dinner, Just Dessert, Downtown Fun, Progressive Dinner, Karaoke

Also be sure to view your local options for this date idea:

Chattanooga, TN Bar and Grill

Statesboro, GA Bar and Grill


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