Healthy Dining/Drinks


This simple date is a healthy alternative to a dining date or going out for drinks. This is a great option if you and/or your date have a passion for a healthy lifestyle, or if you have any diet restrictions that require a special menu. Whether you’re seeking gluten-free, vegan friendly, organic all-natural, or any other preference, enjoy great conversation over a scrumptious meal that meets your cravings and leaves you feeling great and refreshed!

This date is a great route for a relaxing, informal opportunity to chill with your special someone. For a perfect complimentary date to top off a date that you want to last longer, try visiting a juice bar, smoothie bar, or natural soda bar. It can also serve as a stand-alone date for the busy couple who wants to make time for each other but can’t commit the whole evening to an extravagant date.

If you just want a simple date to spend time together and talk, choose a restaurant where you won’t feel rushed and dine together. If you’re a foodie couple and love trying new things together, pick a restaurant you’ve never tried before. However you choose to personalize this date, be sure to take advantage of the additional resources we’ve provided to ensure you are equipped with tips to make a good impression and conversation starters to make your date flow great! Make the most of your time together, cherishing each other’s company and valuing each other for the person that you each are. Happy dating!

Complimentary Dates: Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies, Music, Bookstore, Coffee, Just Dessert, Progressive Dinner, Antiquing, Thrift Shopping, Gift Shopping, Karaoke, Plan a Dream Vacation, Picnic in the Park, Dog Park, Dog Walking, Nature Walk, Fishing, Hammock Hang Out, Biking, Zoo/Aquarium/Nature Center, Downtown Fun

Chattanooga, TN Healthy Dining/Drinks


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